January 7, 2023

The fad of 2023 Q1 - podcast summarizers

We all will be reading podcasts instead of listening to them, unless podcasters crack this one thing.

Do you remember when everyone was building chatbots? Or NFTs? Or AI image creators? 

Well, it seems that the fad of 2023 Q1 is AI content summarizers. 

Summary writers for youtube videos, podcasts, and your girlfriend's long text rants. 

Just in a week, we saw so many of these, and there are probably 30x more out there in the wild. 

However, time for the painful truth. The youtube summarizers we tried didn’t work. 

Honestly, guys, let's get our shit together, cuz: 

But this whole movement is an indication of one clear thing. 

Podcasts (and content)that are there solely for transactional (how-to) and ego-patting purposes will be listened less. They’ll be summarized and skimmed.

They'll be turned into listicles in a blink of an eye. 

So anyone who wants to make it as a podcaster or a creator should make sure the people watch it for the experience. For the personalities, the delivery, the jokes, and the vibe.

Not just for the information. 

People could read the summaries of TV shows instead of watching these, but they don’t.

They want the vibe. 

So the standards in self-creation are going up as well. 

Corner of ideas: Ai summarizer service with a human layer on top.

One of the podcast summarizing tools, Sumly.Ai, adds a human layer on top of all the summaries. To avoid publishing gibberish. 

We think there’s room for other similar companies in the market, with different mediums, formats, and plates of podcasts covered. 

Sumly.Ai is atm very tech broish: summarizing Lex Friedman, Hubermann, or Ferris… 

But you could do the same thing for different kind of verticals. 

So it wouldn’t be an AI tool, it would be AI assisted platform. And you could monetize via ads or a low monthly fee. 

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