November 29, 2022

Say goodbye to making graphs.

New startup in town will help everyone escape the dedious grind of being a graph monkey.

“Hey, Mr Computer, show me comparison graphs with the valuation of FTX in 2021 and 2022”

“Here you go, Sir. It doesn’t look good. It seems effective altruism is a scam.”

There’s a new YC-backed startup in town, OlliAi, that’s supposed to replace all the graph monkeys, aka entry-level analysts/data visualizers.

The pitch is straightforward. You type in what your visualization should show, Olli finds the data and creates it. Makes graphs 10x faster than you used to.

It's like financial analysts Jarvis

This sounds amazing cause no one enjoys making graphs.

They are just another thing that needs to get done & delegated to the most junior person.

We bet that soon a lot of similar software will pop up.

You just plug it into your analytics programs, CSVs, and whatevers.

Type in a prompt like "how much money we spent on the logistics of bananas in 2022 vs 2021 and what made up the costs?"

And it does the qualitative analysis + makes graphs instantly.

A thing an intern would’ve taken 12h to do.  

Seems exciting.

But only one question remains.

What are all the analysts and management consultants gonna to do with that free time?

Probably just write more prompts to make more graphs.

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