November 22, 2022

Corner of ideas: AI Swedish music producer in your backpocket

Why don't we use AI to create exactly the music we like based on our music listening habits?

People love Spotify because of its auto-generated playlists.

But still, they get angry when a song that doesn't match their current vibe starts playing.

So they have to hit a button to play the next song.

(can you imagine the excruciating pain of listening to cassettes :) )

So why not use Ai to create music from scratch based on the listener's musical habits?

Let's be honest now.

At first, the singing voice will be as skewed as the faces in Dall-E.

But hey, every song doesn't need words and songbirds.

For background music(lofi, elevator music, stock music for videos), it's already a thing.

But we bet that other instrumental styles, like EDM, will soon have some billboard-worthy bangers.

Now there are already puritans on the internet saying that if a computer makes a clip of audio, it is not music. Its noise.

But that's like saying if your vehicle doesn't shit on the street and eat hay, is it still a vehicle?

(Pop music) hits have similar chord progressions and melodies.

Soon, instead of a lot of Swedish producers writing the bulk of modern-day music, everyone will have their own Swedish AI producer on their phone.

Making bangers just for their delicate taste.

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