December 6, 2022

ChatGPT - is only Google in danger? Or the whole mankind also?

Just like Jay-Z, Chat-GPT came, saw and conquered, but what does it mean for google. And what it means for the information quality.

1/ A blitzkrieg went over the AI space.

On November 30, OpenAi took over the technerdland with the launch of ChatGPT.

If you were in a mid-desert meditation camp with Jared Leto and haven't been to Twitter, here's the TLDR on what the hell is ChatGPT.

It's sort of like a GPT-3 writer but better.

It's a chatbot. But not a dumb one.

You can ask questions like who were the actors in the tv series A-team?

Or you can give it prompts for writing code, blog posts, or haikus.

And it does it all.

Within hours, Twitter was taken over by people asking it to...

...write code for them

...write rap songs for them

...create tables for them

...find chicken rosemary recipes without dying of the agonizing pain of scrolling through thousands of ads.

Who's a good robot - pat pat.

Nothing has felt so exciting and scary at the same time.

We might lose the AI rapper, though

As of writing this piece, OpenAi had disabled some of the creative writing functions.

Meaning it can't write ads, poems, songs, etc. (All the shitty rappers just exhaled in happiness. For Now.)

But it still seems to be able to write stories.

And it still answers questions, writes informative texts, and codes like a boss.

But the prompts we used to create Billboard 10 -worthy rap bangers or Clio-winning ads don't work anymore.

This is what the bot says:

But hey, ChatGPT, like 20-year girls, we have screenshots of the whole thing.  

When asked about it, it says we are the stupid ones. It has never written any songs

Ah, just like the conversation on a morning after drunk DMing your girlfriend's bestie on Instagram…

FINAL UPDATE - before sending this, it was working again.  So it might've crashed, or they were just fixing something.

Or maybe, like all rap artists, it was just being a diva.

2/ Your buddy for lonely nights.

What's also crazy is that it remembers the stuff you discussed previously in the same conversation.

So you can have a nice dialogue with it.

Or you can say, make this blog post 20% shorter, remove the last sentence. And it does all of that.

For example, if you want to know about the theory of special relativity.

You can dig deeper, ask questions about what's still confusing, ask examples.

This will drastically change how we learn things...

(chatting about special relativity)

Those midnight Googling hackathons about the meaning of life or combustion engines just got a lot much more fun.

3/ But here lies a great danger for society.

Getting those answers from the bot is so easy. It presents them in such a confident way.

So everything it says, people will take as truth.

Especially beginners or just people not familiar with the subject matter.

There are already a lot of experts calling out the misinformation it has said.

Of course, this same problem already exists today.

People rarely go further than Google's rich snippets or first page.

But still, there's more exposure to different angles.

Or, based on the publisher, if you have common sense, you can tell which way the story is tilted.

You can read about the same thing from Fox News or CNN, but the stories are like night and day.

People know that.

But with ChatGPT, the angle isn't clear.

It's a black box. We don't know how it's controlled.

So the friction of Google is what makes it better for humanity.

You're hopefully exposed to more angles and have to think about it yourself a bit.

Also, Google has a credibility system checker (that marketers are trying to abuse ofc).

And it's quite open about how to rank for the first page. And it's more "open-source information"

But a straightforward answer from ChatGPT gives us what our primal brain wants - an easy answer.

This can lead to all sorts of problems, from misinformation to a decrease in human intelligence levels.

Of course, curious people can have a proper sparring partner.

Whatever question you have, you can have a "dialogue" with it about it.

But fact-checking the information it spits out becomes critical.

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