November 22, 2022

Become a mental Rambo using VR.

You can use VR to train your mind and body to be prepared for all the situations that come in your way.

On November 16th, the National Geographic series  Limitless with Chris Hemsworth premiered.

In which, like every filthy rich middle-aged man, Chris starts fighting with aging.

The premise is that he looks for ways to could combat aging and discover the full potential of the human body

Chris Hemsworth on a horse

In the first episode, the theme is raising the body’s stress threshold.

And to do that, you need to constantly raise your stress levels in controlled environments.

So you would remain calm in situations when it matters.

Like seeing all of your fortune disappear in a cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme.

The main challenge for the episode was getting Chris to walk on a crane with no railings attached to a 900-foot-tall Sydney skyscraper roof.

But the challenge was not him having the balls to do it.

But doing it in such a way that his heart rate and breathing per minute doesn’t go over a certain metric.

He keeping his calm when he is 2 inches from falling down.

To train mental resilience for the big day, they used the same location in VR.

Chris practiced the walks in the comfort of the mad scientist's lab, wearing a VR set.

Chris Hemsworth walking on a VR crane

(They also used some non-VR methods. Like drowning in a pool or firefighter training. No firefighter calendar yet tho. )

Based on the health stats we saw and how Chris acted, the VR experience really stressed his body.

The training must’ve paid off because his metrics were much lower on the real walk day.

So VR is still in baby shoes for consumers.

But there's a massive use case for it: immersive training

Everything from doing sales and engineering engines to just training your stress levels and doing therapy.

The military and medical science are already using it.

These are the usual first movers of any technological field (along with p*rn. Which has existed for VR also for years already)

So we bet this is an area where we see a lot of advancement. B2B VR.

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