November 22, 2022

Ai writing - is it a feature or a tool?

All the big writing players are adding Ai writing to their feature set. So does it have a change of being a separate product? Or is it just a feature.

Last week Notion (a note-taking productivity platform. 100m in revenue. Valued at 10 billion in the good ol' hypermarket of 2021) launched their Ai.

Which according to their words, is a writing assistant that can help you write, brainstorm, edit, summarize, and more.

So besides being already a massively successful and beloved product, they add a feature that’s the sole thing companies like or do. GPT-3, which is the backbone code of all the Ai writing platforms, is built by one company, OpenAi.

So based on this move, we predict that all the "writing" platforms will soon integrate Ai into their toolbelt through OpenAi-s API. Making Ai writing a nice-to-have feature.

This means that the pure Ai writing tools must be getting 10-100x better.

They need to cater to specific use cases and niche audiences. And they need to roll up their sleeves to do their own hardcore R&D.

Otherwise, they just can’t compete with the bigger players who do a good enough job.

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